Windows Server 2016 Licencing

Windows Server 2016 Licencing

Licenses for Windows Server 2016 come in 2 core packs. You have to license a minimum of 2 physical CPUs per server (even if you don’t have that many) and a minimum of 8 cores per CPU (even if you don’t have that many), making a minimum total of 8 x 2 core license packs required with standard edition or data centre edition.

With data centre edition you can run unlimited VMs but you have to license the total number of physical CPUs and cores per CPU for all hosts. With standard edition, you can only cover up to 2 VMs per license. If you have a large number of VMs the standard edition model can cost a lot more.

All hypervisor hosts must be licensed if there is high availability enabled in the environment. For example, if you had 2 VMware hosts, high availability enabled, with 2 CPUs and 8 cores per CPU and you wanted to cover 3 VMs with the standard edition, you would need to buy 16 x 2 standard core license packs to cover everything correctly. If you wanted to license this using data centre edition, you would only need to buy a 8 x 2 data centre core license packs and you can have as many VMs as you want running on these 2 VMware hosts.

Read the below data sheet for more information or contact one of the Solista team.

Licencing – Windows Server 2016 Data Sheet