The Solista Workplace – Our culture, Our people

The Solista Workplace – Our culture, Our people

Since we spend half of our lives working, we all crave flexibility, a great team to work with, and a rewarding role where our contributions are respected.

Here at Solista we understand this, and we’ve worked hard to make Solista a great place to work. In fact, our number 4 spot in CRN’s Fast 50 is largely due to our focus on creating a workplace where like-minded people want to spend their time. At Solista, we work hard, we’re rewarded, we have fun and we provide innovative technology solutions to solve complex problems for enterprise organisations. A critical part of our selection process is “who you are as a person?” because if the cultural fit is wrong, we know it impacts the entire team.

This is what it’s like to be a part of the team

Make the future a reality.

Disruption isn’t just a buzzword at Solista – it’s what we do. Our projects take a vision of what’s possible and create exciting solutions to make it happen.

We bring to market new and emerging data management technologies that improve performance, while needing less maintenance and support than traditional IT solutions. Our sole focus on next generation technologies creates a workplace of innovation and agility, which means we can deliver the best outcomes to meet our client’s requirements.

The one thing we love more than technology is its power to transform existing ways of working. You’ll deliver solutions to solve business problems, support our customers in implementing them and be a partner in their transformation – that’s the ultimate reward.

You’re always learning.

The great thing about working with Next Generation Technologies is that you are always learning about exciting, cool technology – plus all the new features that are being revealed as they continuously grow and reveal their road map.

To deliver these exciting, innovative technologies to organisations, we want our team’s bright minds to work together. To achieve this, we invest in continuous training and knowledge sharing.

We recognize internal gaps and bring in experts when required, and we’re committed to building your skills and career –  so you can deliver amazing results to our customers.

You’re one of us.

We don’t use those words lightly. Cultural fit is the main thing we look for in our recruitment process. It can be hard to quantify, but it results in having a team of colleagues who share common values, work to the same goal, and who often hangout not just inside but outside of work.

We also have a strict No Bullshit Policy! This means there is no politics – internally and with the people we work with. We support each other, celebrate wins (big and small), and learn from our mistakes – it’s the only way we can grow.

Want to Come and Work with Us?

Finding brilliant people who fit this culture is a key part of Solista’s success. If you enjoy playing a game of pool, being on the cutting edge of technology and being part of a fun, hardworking team – we want to hear from you!

Get in touch with us at We’ll often create roles for people we feel will help us continue to be innovative, agile and continue to grow as a business.

We look forward to seeing you round the pool table soon!