The anchor of traditional IT platforms

The anchor of traditional IT platforms

It’s no secret that technology is changing faster than ever before. Organisations lured by the benefits of agile, next generation technology expect their IT vendors to lead their adoption and transformation. Unfortunately, traditional IT vendors themselves are struggling with where these new capabilities fit into their own legacy business models. This friction leaves many businesses waiting until their IT vendor catches up, while they watch competitors race ahead.

The problem with staying the same

The large IT providers have history, stability and a reputation. They were built on selling complex technology to clients and charging large fees to integrate them. That approach has worked fine for the last 20 years or so, but today it’s a whole new world. Easier, faster, better technology doesn’t fit into their business model of costly engineering resources and associated profit margins.

It’s in the rule book for IT vendors to look at your business problems and show you where their technology and services can help. That’s how they’ve been taught to sell. It misses out one huge component though – next generation technology brings capabilities that you’ve never had before. That vision to challenge the status quo is key to truly transforming your business.

While change might feel scary, sticking to legacy technologies is costing you more than you can see right now on your bottom line. It’s hampering your business growth, agility and competitive advantage. While others are driving innovation, your IT vendor is focused on just keeping the lights on, which doesn’t grow your business, improve your staff productivity or help you serve your customers better. It’s time to stop viewing IT as a cost centre and start viewing it as a business enabler, enhancing all the different areas of your business for a far bigger combined impact.

Where do you start?

Take a look at your historical technology projects and identify those that really made a difference to your business. This will give you valuable insights into business areas that are open to innovation or show you the dark corners that are yet to see technology benefits.

Seek out success stories of other businesses unlocking impressive results from next generation technology. They could even come from outside your industry. For example, can you adapt and adopt how traditional areas like farmers and food manufacturers are using technology to challenge the status quo and become more efficient?

Check your attitude about IT. Does your organisation view it as a costly, necessary evil? Are the leadership team positive about embracing change to achieve different results? Where does business innovation sit in your organisation’s roadmap?

Find a partner who’s doing all of the hard work for you. Your IT provider should have a tight partnership with state-of-the-art technology brands. They should be up to date with the latest technology innovations and they should be able to help you understand which next generation technologies are the best fit for your business. Find a technology partner who’s leading the way, not one who’s struggling to keep up to date.

How we help

A major financial services organisation came to us, fed up with using with the same old technology. Deciding to move their major trading platforms up to next generation technology, Solista helped them streamline the efforts of 2 full time employees down to the equivalent of half an employee.

We’ve enabled Hicksons Lawyers to shift their focus from traditional infrastructure management to a more agile developmental methodology. This means their IT team can now keep pace with the needs of their modern business and their clients.

At the University of Sydney Business School, Solista’s innovation has brought recovery time measured in days down to 15 minutes for critical applications.

Crucial to each of these successes was the willingness of each organisation to change. They engaged with us to unlock a different outlook than they were receiving from their traditional IT vendors and we weren’t afraid to ask them tough questions.

Technology partnering for a modern business

Innovative technology solutions are available and they’re more affordable than ever. If you’re not looking to take advantage of new capabilities, you’ll be left behind by your competitors. Solista helps you to confidently navigate away from the history of legacy technology platforms.

We’re here to deliver the next generation of data management technologies to free you from the binding service contracts, complicated environments, restrictive infrastructure and expensive capital outlays that the traditional vendors and IT Integrators survive on. It’s time for a new approach.