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Solista are subject matter experts in the fields of cloud computing, data resiliency enterprise risk management, security analytics and cyber security defence. We help organisations implement operational, tactical and strategic solutions that accelerate digital transformation and ensure success for our clients.

Cloud Platform Design and Optimisation

Cloud Design & Build.


As organisations look to adopt a cloud strategy, having a partner with deep technical expertise across private, hybrid and public cloud architectures ensures applications and workloads are placed with confidence in efficient, secure and reliable platforms.


Through developing a well-architected platform abstracted from the underlying technologies, Solista enables organisations to effortlessly run their mission critical workloads while giving them the ability to focus on driving customer value for their business.

Visibility and Monitoring

Visibility & Monitoring.


As enterprises become more digital and agile, there is an acute focus on detecting and solving application, infrastructure and security issues quickly. To meet these new requirements, Solista partners with the leading tools to build and optimise visibility and monitoring platforms that deliver a competitive advantage to our customers amid rising customer expectations and industry demands.


Solista enables operations leaders with new and leading visibility and monitoring technologies that can provide a unified view of all components of a service, from application code to infrastructure and across key business performance metrics

Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience.


Business to customer relationships depend upon a complex chain of technologies that are continually working in the background. To provide a seamless digital customer experience, the entire chain must work effortlessly and is a critical component of business success.


Solista can help your development and operations teams monitor the health of your technology platforms, troubleshoot issues degrading digital services and give everyone in your organisation a single view of the digital customer experience across multiple business metrics. We provide you valuable insights with speed, efficiency and precision.

Cloud Migration and Optimisation

Cloud Migration & Optimisation.


The benefits of moving to the cloud are well known – from improving service reliability or accelerating deployments to driving digital transformations and delivering better customer experiences. The effective planning, transition, management and adoption of cloud are all critical factors in maximising the benefits for your organisation, however you need to ensure visibility and resiliency at every step of your cloud journey.


With in-depth experience and a demonstrable framework, Solista can help plot your path to cloud success. From planning, implementing and supporting cloud migrations for public and hybrid environments to optimising your cloud spend, improving governance, increasing visibility and reducing risk, Solista is here to help you make the right decisions and increase the value of your cloud investments.

Cyber Advisory Services

Cyber Advisory Services.


Solista’s security and hybrid-cloud engineers are subject matter experts, highly experienced and certified who can assist providing Cyber Advisory Services based on your specific needs. Examples could be assessing security configurations (i.e. applications, topologies), developing an IT Security Governance Framework, deploying or configuring security tools.


Solista works with a wide variety of Next Generation technologies, which provides simplified solutions to complex situations. Our highly experienced and certified engineers will address your needs using their technical and industry-based knowledge.

Data Resiliency

Data Resiliency.


Organisations and consumers are generating data at a phenomenal rate and as this data increases, so does the risk related to data loss. This makes data backup, management and resiliency a critical service that IT delivers to the business.


Solista helps organisations improve their data resiliency strategy by protecting mission critical workloads with expert services designed to avoid data loss, increase availability, mitigate risk and ensure near instant data recovery. We help you protect data and leverage it beyond a traditional backup copy.

Cyber Maturity and Awareness

Cyber Maturity & Awareness.


Solista will review your company’s IT Security posture based on best practice frameworks and standards, with the objective of determining your cybersecurity readiness. IT Security processes, technologies and people are evaluated with the objective of gaining an understanding of both current and desirable future states related to cybersecurity maturity. Based on context, your company is provided with implementation roadmaps, quick wins and recommendations.


Solista will define a custom approach based on your needs, capabilities and resources. Resulting recommendations are not only based on your environment but also on our knowledge of the industry.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing.


Solista will evaluate not only your security capabilities, controls and technologies in place but also your Incident Response and Recovery capabilities by executing complex real-world attack vectors and procedures, in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to your resources.


Solista’s security engineers are constantly in touch with new technologies, security trainings and certifications in order to be on top of the latest attacking techniques and vectors. Solista will provide on-going and post engagement support and awareness to your team, to help you to fully understand what your risks are and how they could be remediated.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security & Identity.


With more devices, applications and users than ever before connecting to cloud services, concerns regarding user identity, cloud security and how to manage these entities is becoming a widespread challenge. Organisations know their enterprise network is no longer only accessible from their physical office but over the internet. This creates a myriad of attack surfaces, each bringing its own security, identity and compliance regulation issues.


Solista provides critical services to aid your organisation through your identity challenges, your digital transformation and your security posture in the cloud. Solista works with you and market leading technologies to help develop personalised and holistic secure cloud solutions that meets the needs of your organisation.

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