Protecting brand reputation through strong security posture

Protecting brand reputation through strong security posture



Panthers Group is one of Australia’s largest entertainment groups, with over 145,000 members across their six licensed venues, and over 19,400 are members of Penrith Panthers NRL team. The Panthers Group employs over 650 staff across NSW. The business aims to bring fun and entertainment to the community.

Giving back is at the heart of the Panthers Group, who provide funding and support for many community programs and organisations including Panthers On the Prowl (the not-for-profit community outreach program of the Penrith Panthers), Sticks to Stadium, Adopt a School, Building Young Men and Born to be a Panther.



As a membership-based organisation, Panthers Group collects highly personal and confidential information during the sign-up process. It is for this reason information security, data management and storage is a core concern for the business. By legislation, the organisation is also obligated to provide sign-up information and data storage management details to all new members once they have successfully signed up.

To gain critical insights and improve visibility, Panthers Group required centralised monitoring, logging and an analytics solution as there was no single-pane visibility across their technology environment. As Panthers did not have a proper consolidated Security Operations monitoring tool, the IT team were spending a lot of time reviewing, reactively tracking and investigating incidents due to the lack of a proactive security solution and were not confident they were undertaking the right measures to ensure Panthers Group is protected against a cybersecurity attack.



Panthers Group hired Solista to help undertake a Cyber Maturity Assessment, deploy and configure Crowdstrike for next-generation endpoint security and roll-out Splunk as the centralised security and IT Operations monitoring and analytics platform. Using their expertise and experience, Solista deployed Splunk as a SOC monitoring and log correlation tool to help Panthers Group normalise all the information from disparate sources and correlate the data so that the team is able to identify an issue quicker, or if an issue is identified, they are able to get to the remediation stage quicker after identifying the root cause.

As Panthers Group did not have a fully functioning security operation centre, by combining Splunk with the results of the Cyber Maturity Assessment as a guide, the team have fused people, process and technology to rapidly respond to security incidents, share information and collaborate with the rest of the team.

“The analytics-driven data that Splunk presents to our team results in a far more efficient process and decreases the amount of time reviewing and responding to issues and threats.”

Solista also integrated Crowdstrike to increase the level of visibility and control of endpoints connected to the network to ensure the team can identify any unknown and known threats faster with contextual and event-driven information readily available for reporting and investigation.

In addition to this, Panthers Group consulted with Solista in developing new security procedures and measures to ensure a strong security posture via a comprehensive Cyber Maturity Assessment.

“By undertaking this project, it showed us what we have been doing right and where we can be more effective. We take things seriously when it comes to information security, and it is important for our business and brand. Our business is about fun and entertainment, but we can’t have fun if there are security issues.” – Craig Conway, Group IT Manager, Penrith Panthers



From this project, Solista has provided the Panthers Group with a strong cybersecurity position using the Splunk and Crowdstrike integrated technology platforms. Panthers Group now has end-to-end, contextual and analytics-driven visibility and can monitor their environment with a higher degree of efficiency while ensuring the ability to search and investigate issues and incidents.

The improved procedures and visibility meant that the Panthers Group can fulfil other high-value tasks whilst having peace of mind that their cyber posture is strong and up-to-date. Information security operations and processes to Panthers Group are no longer about reading log files, but about identifying the issues more efficiently and about having the capabilities for proactive security monitoring and alerting. With Crowdstrike, Panthers Group now can contain and suppress incidents, which were not possible before.

Through implementing each of the components we’ve found the engagement with Solista to be very smooth and easy to work with. Through the engineers and resources used, they are clearly experts in their field. Reports were delivered with clear actions and outcomes and were as well-tailored to present to the business themselves, not just from a technical level, but also to at the management and board level. Projects were delivered on time and in-line with budget and assistance provided by Solista was extremely seamless in the process. The real value was what we came out with and what we expected to get.
– Craig Conway, Panthers Group IT Manager.