Navitas Hires Solista To Improve Security Posture

Solista Helps Navitas Improve Security Posture

Navitas Hires Solista To Improve Security Posture

Navitas hires Solista to protect student data and enhance security posture with next generation SIEM and breach prevention platforms.



Navitas is a world leader in developing and providing educational services and learning solutions to over 80,000 students from across Australia, North America, Europe and Asia.

They aim to help students find their path to success, overcoming challenges and achieving their goals of further study and career progression or moving in new industries.


The Challenge:

A recent security audit of  Navitas’ environment revealed they  needed to enhance their security posture to prevent future Malware attacks, protect IP and student data. There was also a C-level directive to move to secure cloud,  so the business could innovate fearlessly on their digital platforms.

To gain critical insights and visibility  Navitas  required a SIEM as there was no visibility across their global environment.  Navitas’ IT team were spending days reactively tracking and investigating incidents due to the lack of a proactive security solution.  Navitas needed visibility of their Cisco ASA firewalls, Active Directory and domain controllers as well as critical endpoints.


The Solution:

Navitas’  transformation goals, visibility requirements  and security are closely aligned with the expertise and mission of Solista. Solista worked tirelessly to deliver a proactive operational security model using advanced analytics, dashboarding and machine learning.

Using their knowledge and expertise in cyber security,  complex environments  and the broad knowledge of AWS,  Solista deployed both CrowdStrike and  Splunk to meet  Navitas’ requirements. Utilising the integration between both platforms,  Solista delivered  Navitas a proactive cyber resilience solution through a combination of  AI and Machine Learning. With this capability Navitas can now prevent, detect and respond to threats in real-time.

In addition to security, Navitas’ IT Operations transformation goal was to radically enhance user experience.  Transformation kick off had taken place and Solista was chosen to make IT operations more proactive, resolve incidents faster, reduce business impact caused by outages, improve capacity utilisation and reduce time spent on routine tasks.

Solista have recently helped us to implement two new security systems into our organisation. They proved to be extremely knowledgeable in these areas and the implementation was seamless. The account team and the implementation team were very professional in the way that they approached the project, and very accommodating to the demands of our business.  - Michael Schofield, Global Infrastructure Manager, Navitas



The Outcome:

Through this transformation  Solista have provided  Navitas  with  Proactive Cyber Resilience using AI and Machine learning.  Navitas now have end-to-end visibility across all machine data and operational security intelligence.

From this  project  Navitas  has been able to:

  • Improve security operations with faster response times
  • Improve security posture by getting end-to-end visibility across all machine data
  • Increase detection and investigation capabilities using advanced analytics
  • Make better informed decisions by leveraging threat intelligence
  • Reduce risk of data breach & fraud
  • Streamline compliance and audit activities


As a result,  we have more confidence in the security of our environment, along with greater visibility to threats, and the skills in how to remediate them.  - Michael Schofield, Global Infrastructure Manager, Navitas



Awards and Recognition:

Solista’s high level of engagement and expertise was recognised, and they won the ARN Innovation Award in 2018 for Customer Value (Start-Up) category.