Meet Jason – Solista Solutions Engineer

Meet Jason – Solista Solutions Engineer

It’s easy for an organisation to say that culture is important to them. It’s easy to frame the company vision and values, and hang them on a wall. It’s not so easy to find great, like-minded people to hire but it’s critical to Solista’s success. We’ve asked some of our team why they made the move to Solista and what they think of our workplace. Our first story is from the perspective of Jason who is one of the Solitsa’s Solution Engineers and we would love to hear from other Solution Engineers who might be looking to join our team in the future. 

 Jason – Solutions Engineer 

 Career beginnings 

Jason started his IT career in 2010, working as in-house support for The Modern Group and then being promoted into an IT projects roleJason managed and assisted in a major infrastructure refresh project led by an external MSP. This prompted Jason to wonder whether he had the skills to do that kind of work as a consultant. 

Opportunities came from managed servers providers eNerds and then Centrix Solutions to test Jason’s theory. He became a client-facing engineer providing IT support, project implementation and then moved on to a project-focused role.  

Jason says, “My previous roles helped to establish my foundations. I understand the support model, the managed services model and the project delivery model. I know how new technologies can provide better outcomes for customersI can take the best out of what I have learned and leave those elements that don’t work so well, there is no cookie-cutter approach here. 

 Saying Yes to Solista 

One of Solista’s directors approached Jason on LinkedIn to see if I was interested in joining the team. Jason says, “Solista had a great storyI was curious as to see how their unique approach to business problems played out in practice and I wanted to see what a startup was like. I seek challenges and figured I had nothing to lose. I’ve had nregrets, it’s a great place to be. 

Office Life 

Jason’s role is 80% presales and 20% implementation and he loves the mix. He’s found that Solista is an innovative start-up which is fast becoming a medium sized business. He likes the fact that at Solista, you have the opportunity to lead with your own ideas and create your own solutionsas long as they have the right outcome. You can choose your own way to approach something as long as it meets the requirements and delivers great customer results. That sense of ownership is important to Jason. 

Jason has also found that his colleagues are relaxed and like-minded. “It’s a great place to come to work. That’s important, I wouldn’t be here otherwise. 

 The Solista difference 

At Solista, we only work with new and emerging technologies in the marketWhile everyone else is dealing with the same old IT vendorswe help our customers explore new horizons with greater benefits and go that step further with these technologies. It’s a very exciting place to be.  

Jason explains, “We are not a managed services provider, we have professional services through our project delivery but we don’t need to sell our support, we don’t have a helpdesk. The solutions we create are intuitive and easy to self-manage, our customers are self-reliant and their total cost of ownership reflects this. We have no need for traditional managed services.”  

Solista loves new innovative technology that makes business easier, faster and more secure. “When we can show the value of this to a customerthat’s so great and so very rewarding. 

 Out of the office  

Jason is always out having food somewhere, whether it’s a burger or something healthy, he likes trying new places. He says, “I’m either eating, at the gym or watching Netflix with my girlfriend. We both have nieces and nephews we like spending time with and we love to travelIt’s hard to pick a favourite destinationI love Las Vegas, Dubai and Cambodia, they all stand out but for very different reasons.” 

Jason loves travelling to see different cultures, meet new people and experience what the world has to offer. 

 Why Work at Solista? 

Jason can’t ever imagine going to an in-house role ever again. He’s excited about working with different businesses and industries and their unique problems, and enjoys being at the forefront of new generation technology innovation. He thinks that the Solista office is a great place. “It’s all about the relationships you build, the team vibe, enjoying what you do and making a difference.” 

Jason says “If you work hardthere will always be opportunities for you and you will be recognised. You get the freedom to create your own career path. 

 Has Jason Described Your Ultimate Career? 

Working with next generation technology solutions isn’t for everyone. You have to enjoy being on the cutting edge and rolling up your sleeves in a team environment. Finding technically brilliant people who fit this culture is a key part of Solista’s success and why customers love us.  

 If you are ready to be challenged in a fast-paced, always-learning environment, and you have an attitude that contributes to the bigger team, get in touch with us at would love to see if we have any roles for you to help us change the IT landscape.