Digitally transforming government agencies to deliver world-class customer service

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Digitally transforming government agencies to deliver world-class customer service


An awardwinning NSW government agency is supported by passionate team members committed to delivering world class customer service via their network of Service Centres, Council Agencies, self-serve digital kiosks, a Contact Centre, a transactional website and a mobile app. 


The Challenge 

The government agency is a key contributor to the NSW government’s commitment of having 70 per cent of government transactions conducted via digital channels by 2019. They have a mission to transform transactional services through excellent customer service and effective partnerships, and were tasked to build an Operations Centre to support these ongoing initiatives by managing technology incidents proactively and continuously improving the digital customer experience for their customers and businesses. The Operations Centre was designed to assist in increasing the speed, reliability and delivery of new and existing digital government services.

However, due to lack of time, expertise and not having the correct technologies in place and configured, the government agency was unable to deliver the in-depth visibility required for their digital government services within their timeframe. Daily manual information and data gathering tasks that would take hours every day meant that the government agency was unable to track or access important metrics from their digital government services. They were also not across technology incidents until their customers called to advise that there was a problem. Deep insights and information into outages and post-mortem investigations were troublesome and taking days to perform. 


The Solution 

The government agency chose Solista as a strategic consulting partner to provide greater visibility into improving their digital customer experience, using New Relic to provide a standardised monitoring approach, giving their digital product teams the ability to build, deployrun and monitor their digital applications with speed and efficiencyThe government agency now has the capability to reduce the time it takes to identify digital service incidents, proactively monitor outages, assess any failures in detail and provide metrics back to the government agency executives and management regarding the digital customer experience and where improvements can be made. 

With extensive knowledge and expertise in application delivery, complex environments and deep skills in public cloud, Solista worked together with the digital service product teams at the government agency and utilised New Relic, a next generation AI and machine learning visibility tool, to meet their requirements. Using the integration of New Relic within the government agency’s multi cloud platforms, Solista delivered proactive monitoring capabilities to the Operations Centre using advanced analytics, dashboardingmachine learning through a combination of people, process and technology. With these new capabilities, the government agency can now manage their digital government services with speed, efficiency and precision. 


The Outcome 

Through this digital transformation, Solista has provided the government agency’s Operations Centre with enhanced proactive monitoring capabilities, given digital product teams the ability to monitor the health of their technology platforms, improved the capability to troubleshoot issues that are degrading digital government services and presented the executive and management teams with a single view of the digital customer experience across multiple business metrics. As a result, the government agency has been able to: 

  • Reduce the negative effects of errors and delays by 70 per cent, making it easier to identify, locate and address issues before customers are affected 
  • Assure key digital services are available and operational
  • Measure user experience in real time 
  • Provide rich and detailed data to the business 
  • Increase reliability of digital services
  • View real time errors and analyse them on demand 
  • Reduce mean time to resolution by 90 per cent when managing incidents. 


New Relic has been embedded into the government agency’s Operations Centre, delivering on their requirement to improve their capability to proactively deliver one-stop government services to their customers and businesses with world class customer service by providing deep visibility into critical digital services. Solista is now working with the government agency to provide visibility into additional digital government services.