Cloud Solution Optimises Automation and Efficiency

Cloud solution optimises automation and efficiency for Fenner Dunlop

Cloud Solution Optimises Automation and Efficiency

Cloud solution optimises automation and efficiency for Fenner Dunlop.



Fenner Dunlop Australia first engaged Enablis, a leading secure communications and cloud provider, in 2017 to refresh its 24-site network which supported a growing team of 830 onsite and remote staff. The only local manufacturer of conveyor systems, Fenner Dunlop needed to scale its business, improve production line efficiency, connect remote workers, and deliver real time communication.


Enablis designed and implemented a highly scalable fibre network, an agile communications platform, and a centralised data centre with direct connectivity to Microsoft’s cloud services (Azure).


In 2018, Fenner Dunlop needed to replace their expiring SAN and complex backup and DR process. Having established connectivity to the cloud, Fenner Dunlop once again engaged Enablis to address their storage and backup needs. Enablis introduced Solista, a market leading cloud, security and data management company, to implement next generation flash storage and a cloud backup solution.


The solution delivered via the Enablis and Solista partnership resulted in significantly reduced cost and complexity, and improved efficiency for Fenner Dunlop.


The Challenges:

Upgrading SAN – With their existing SAN coming to end-of-life and reaching capacity, Fenner Dunlop sought to move to a flash storage solution to safeguard the ongoing integrity and security of its data across its 24 sites. Recent cyber-attacks demonstrate the importance of not simply backing up data, but ensuring the data is sufficiently protected.


Eliminating Inefficiencies – Fenner Dunlop’s previous method of backing up data utilising disks and tapes, which were physically stored off site, was archaic. The company needed to streamline its backup process by eliminating tapes, and they chose to move their backup solution to the cloud.


Reducing Cost and Complexity – streamlining operations and aligning providers is critical to reducing expenditure for Fenner Dunlop. The company needed a solution that reduced its operating costs and was provided by a single managed service provider.



Our Solution:

Next Generation Flash Storage – Utilising VMware VMotion, Enablis and Solista migrated Fenner Dunlop’s storage from their SAN to flash storage within one business day. With zero downtime, 35 virtual machines were migrated to Pure Storage next generation flash storage.


Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery – Rubrik’s cloud backup solution replaced Fenner Dunlop’s manual backup process by compressing and backing up data to the cloud, as well as automatically backing up virtual machines as they were created. Managed via a central dashboard, Fenner Dunlop controls the frequency of backups and is able to recover any file from any virtual machine within minutes. “People make mistakes and delete things,” said Sammy Jammal, Fenner Dunlop’s IT Manager, “But I can sleep well every night knowing I can recover any file without having to worry it might not be there”. In addition to immediate and ongoing cost savings, Rubrik has allowed Fenner Dunlop to shut down an offsite backup and DR facility.


Private Link to Cloud – Fenner Dunlop utilises Azure ExpressRoute to connect its colocation environment to the Azure data centre. ExpressRoute’s private connectivity offers increased reliability, reduced costs, faster speeds and lower latencies than public Internet connections.


The Partnership:

Enablis and Solista each bring a strong heritage in their respective fields of network and managed communications services, and professional services delivering cloud and security technologies. The synergy of this partnership has enormous potential and is set to deliver best of breed outcomes for mid-sized enterprises, across network, communications, cloud and security.


Our partnership with Solista really helps extend best of breed cloud, security and back-up solutions to our customers, backed by their industry leading expertise,” said Jon Evans, Enablis CEO.


Noel Allnut, Solista CEO, agrees, saying:

Our partnership with Enablis allows our mutual clients to gain better insights into their data and enhance their reach from the cloud to the network seamlessly.