Solista Win Australian Rugby Union with Pure Storage

Solista Win Australian Rugby Union with Pure Storage

Australian Rugby Union relies on Pure Storage as backbone for national shared services

Data volume reduced by 80% and data centre footprint down by 75%

The challenge: Cost-effective, centralised shared services around the clock

The Australian Rugby Union (ARU), the national body of Rugby in Australia, is responsible for the growth and development of the game from junior players through to the elite level.  The ARU’s ability to share services with state divisions and member unions around the country is critical to its business operation.  They rely on the ARU’s services for their core business functions such as CMS, team management tools and substantial amounts of video content for coaching resources and television requirements.  This means central IT services need to be performing at peak levels around the clock.  At the same time, the ARU needs a solution which is simple to manage and maintain, and cost-effective in the long term. The ARU employs data scientists to analyse game and player videos, which are then made available for sharing across the network via a centralised archive.  Each week can comprise up to eight games and each game can have up to eight camera feeds, generating high levels of video footage for analysis, storage and sharing.

The ARU’s legacy SAN was a mechanical disk-based environment which was quickly running out of storage space.  At the same time, functionality was less-than optimal and ongoing maintenance was too expensive.

The answer: Pure delivers speed and savings in a smaller space

Nick Payne, IT Infrastructure Manager for the ARU went out to the market to seek a more suitable storage solution to meet the growing needs of the shared services environment.  After eliminating full-disk products because of high ongoing costs and disk-flash hybrid offerings because of poor deduplication techniques on a lower-quality SATA back-end, ARU decided on Pure’s all-flash solution.  The 100 percent flash storage environment offered lower ongoing cost, reduced storage and physical space requirements in the data centre, lower latency and easy maintenance.

The solution: All flash all the way to the goal line

The ARU implemented the Pure Storage FlashArray in its primary data centre, reducing data volumes by 80 percent and data centre footprint by 75 percent.

Since the deployment, data storage requirements have dropped from 52TB on the old system to just 10.5TB on the FlashArray, due to Pure’s data reduction capabilities.  Physical space requirements have also been reduced from half a rack (around 20 rack units) to just four rack units, in turn saving power in the data centre. The simplicity of managing the Pure FlashArray means the ARU doesn’t need to pay for expensive, ongoing maintenance contracts, which translates to further tangible savings.

The ARU IT team is now evaluating other services of the Pure FlashArray to identify new areas it can be used to help drive benefits across the business and strengthen the technology backbone of the organisation to offer broader, more comprehensive shared services.