Cyber resilience for 0365 is here!

Cyber resilience for 0365 is here!

Let’s face it: for all its strengths, Microsoft Office 365™, as a standalone solution, can still leave you exposed. That’s why 91% of IT professionals plan to seek out additional security for their Office 365™ environment. So, what should you look for in a complementary email security, archiving and continuity solution?

Solista has partnered with Mimecast to deliver organisations cyber resilience for email. Download the information below to better inform you on the needs and benefits for third-party protection for Office 365™:

  • Moving to the Cloud doesn’t make your security risk go away

Moving to the cloud has become a fact of life for organisations. But, alarmingly, security isn’t a primary consideration during the move for many. In a recent study: Closing the Cloud Email Security Gap, Forrester Consulting found 44% of respondents would review security implications more thoroughly if they were to deploy a cloud-based email platform again.

  • Get confidence with enhanced Office 365™ security

Read this TechTarget paper to find out why you need a solution that not only mirrors the kind of layered security built for on-premises solutions, but also ensures uninterrupted access to Office 365™ email – when there is an outage.

  • Office 365™ Risk Mitigation: what you need to know, now.

In this E-book, Microsoft Office MVP J. Peter Bruzzese examines the key features you need for addressing the security, archiving and continuity gaps in Office 365™ email—and what to look for in a single solution that helps you do it all.

  • We’ve got the facts on Office 365™ email security. They may surprise you!

Not all email security systems perform the same. Lots of false negatives get through. That’s what Mimecast found in its latest Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) Report with Microsoft Office 365™ security as the incumbent.

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