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Mobile Endpoint Detection & Response

Take your mobile security to the next level

Mobile devices have completely changed the way employees work — providing instant access to business-critical applications anytime and anywhere. However, mobility is a challenge for security teams as they strive to secure the data stored or remotely accessed by enterprise mobile applications.


Mobile threats are real. Relying on underlying mobile platform safeguards is not enough. In a Ponemon survey, 67 percent of organisations say it was certain or likely they had a data breach as a result of employees using their mobile devices to access the company’s confidential information. Mobile device management (MDM) solutions have been available for years, but they don’t address core security concerns  — that’s why a new perspective is necessary.

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Falcon for Mobile is built on the award-winning CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, allowing you to secure your mobile devices via a single solution that also protects workstations, servers, cloud workloads and containers.

The EDR Approach To Mobile Security


Falcon for Mobile takes a visibility-first approach to mobile security, eliminating blind spots that lead to breaches. Security teams can now see activity on Android and iOS enterprise apps, gaining deeper insight and enabling threat hunting and rapid incident investigation.


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Crowdstrike Falcon for Mobile