Cloud Security and Identity

Secure access and protect resources across your company: Don’t compromise security for accessibility

With more devices, applications and users than ever before, concerns around user and device corporate identity and just how to manage them all has become a serious talking point. As organisations quickly realising the office computer is no longer just accessible from the office, but across a myriad of attack surfaces and is required to be compliant with a range of data security requirements.


So where do you start? Solista.


Providing services that allow you to look at the who, and dive into the complexities of an ever-evolving information system can present for user/device identity. Solista breaks down the question of identity to deep dive into just what your organisation’s identity look like and what…


The right access to the right things at the right time in the right place for the right reasons in the right way


…..really means for your organisation, as no two companies are ever truly the same so why should your solution be.


By focusing on these core identity needs, Solista works with organisations to map their current identity landscape and identify a road map to its identity success, outlining what the organisation truly requires in alignment with best practice and industry trends for:

  • Role Based Access Controls
  • Identity Administration
  • Password Management
  • Access Management
  • Access Governance
  • Privilege Access Management


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