Cloud Block Storage from Pure

Build your hybrid cloud with Cloud Block Store

Run mission-critical enterprise apps seamlessly in the cloud using Pure Storage Cloud Block Store. Pure bridges the cloud divide with this industrial-strength block storage. Build your apps once – and run them anywhere.

Move data and applications more freely. Cloud Block Store delivers storage services, resiliency, and APIs consistent with Pure’s on-premises infrastructure, so you can seamlessly run your existing apps in the cloud. With Pure’s reliability built into storage, webscale developers are free to focus on application logic.

Make Cloud Storage Better

Enjoy industry-leading efficiency, instant space-saving snapshots, and data-at-rest encryption. Cloud Block Store provides industrial-strength reliability – with multiavailability-zone and non-disruptive upgrade.


Deliver Hybrid Mobility and Protection

Enable data portability and application mobility across your hybrid cloud. With Cloud Block Store, you can leverage cloud for disaster recovery, effortlessly migrate across clouds, and drive hybrid test/dev across your environment.


Enable Consistent APIs Across Clouds

Cloud Block Store delivers consistent APIs – so you connect to storage and automate deployments in the cloud in the same way as you would on-premises. Develop your apps once and deploy seamlessly across your hybrid cloud.

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Let Solista help you reduce cost when you use AWS along with Cloud Block Store to provide storage efficiencies as well as enterprise grade resiliency and redundancy.


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Download the Pure Storage Cloud Block Store for AWS datasheet