8 Key Points to Minimise the Loss of Business Productivity During COVID-19

8 Key Points to Minimise the Loss of Business Productivity During COVID-19

As the need to support a remote workforce continues to impact organisations around the world, this places an unexpected demand on IT departments. How do organisations transition in supporting their employees to work remotely as soon as possible? This is a challenging task for all organisations as they face a rapid increase in transition and change. 

Below are 8 key points that organisations need to consider to minimise the loss of business productivity. 

  • Sensitive data may be accessed through unsecure home or public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Ensure the organisation’s cybersecurity policy is current and supports remote working.
  • Plan for BYOD (bring your own device) devices connecting to the organisation.
  • Crisis management, business continuity, disaster recovery and incident response plans need to be reviewed as frequently as possible and executable remotely.
  • Increasing performance, usability and scalability is vital for remote workers connecting to work resources.
  • On-going cybersecurity education is more important than ever as coronavirus-themed scams and ransomware escalates.
  • Cybersecurity hygiene and visibility across a large amount of devices is critical.
  • Ensure backups are continuously tested and have native immutability to safeguard backups.  

Organisations will be forced to make tough decisions rapidly, and enabling a remote workforce is one of those decisions. There are risks involved in accomplishing this at speed, but the security and accessibility of your networks, devices and data shouldn’t be one of them. Solista are committed in helping organisations minimise these risks and ensuring all workers have access to the technology and expertise needed to support business functions safely from any location.  

Written by Jason Trampevski, Pre-Sales Solutions Architect, Solista