Where did all the people go?

Where did all the people go?

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformational across Australia, but with the borders shut, lockdowns prevalent and the skills shortage issue growing daily, what will Australian businesses do to take advantage of the post covid economy and ensure they do not get left behind? With users increasingly demanding digital products and services, companies are experiencing a revolution in the way they interact with their customers. That, twinned with the rise of Cybercrime and the push for new revenue streams, has put pressure on already overworked technology teams.

It is clear from speaking to Australian enterprises as they scramble to adapt and keep up with the rate of change, we are entering into a period of chronic skill shortages, and organizations are confronting a growing talent problem that has the potential to become a strategic bottleneck. Historically the solution has been to look for offshore talent or train large waves of graduates to step up, but border closures have restricted supply through both of these channels.

Businesses are starting to rethink ways of bolstering their teams via On Demand digital platforms. However, whilst the App powered gig macroeconomy has matured and the new marketplaces for talent have appeared this still requires a significant amount of vetting and screening for already busy leaders.

Pushing things forward.

Solista launched a Team Augmentation practice in 2019, and we have seen a significant increase in demand for the service over the last 18 months. Solista’s on-demand, highly skilled workers have helped our clients reinvent the way they deliver value back to their customers by bringing often quite specific and niche skills to their teams at short notice. They have been able to remove bottlenecks and deliver outcomes without the time and risk associated with traditional recruitment and outsourcing models.

A call to Solista’s Team Augmentation Consultant is often all that is required to get an overview of the market for a particular skillset, and clients know that they will be able to quickly be able to budget for particular projects or BAU deliverables. Could your business benefit from reassessing capabilities and improving the way that you deliver value back to your organization and customers?